Smartlook Analytics 2.0 release

Smartlook 2.0 is a major, future-oriented release, that offers a modern, completely redesigned, Swift-first API.

To emphasize the breaking change, the SDK is provided as a new package, Smartlook Analytics. This renaming also opens the possibility to better compartmentalize the SDK in the future.

Along with the software release, new documentation is also released.

Release highlights:

  • Modern Swift-first designed API
  • API can be used in a declarative way that better fits new applications
  • Support for Combine framework
  • Support for advanced options and features such as late productKey configuration
  • Basic classes like Sensitivity, Properties, and User support simplified access to item properties using subscripts
  • Configuration objects can be stored and restored from custom application logic

The SDK internal architecture was also refactored to increase the SDK stability.

The current SDK 1.8 will be supported for the foreseeable future.

To learn how to migrate to SDK 2.0, see our Migration guide.