Cocos: Game development framework

How to setup Smartlook SDK in Cocos application.


Smartlook SDK with Cocos is an experimental feature

Using the Smartlook SDK in Cocos applications is experimental, therefore, it is not officially supported.

Using the Smartlook SDK with Cocos

To use the Smartlook SDK with Cocos, first implement the Smartlook SDK according to your platform.

Some features may not be available for Cocos apps. All differences in available functions are described below:

Sensitive data hiding

When using native rendering mode, the Smartlook SDK can record sensitive data in your application. In order to protect user privacy, you can configure Smartlook to not record sensitive data. For more information, see Handling sensitive data.

However, it is not possible to selectively hide sensitive data when using the Cocos platform. To hide data, you can use the NO_RENDERING mode. For more information, see Rendering modes.


Because Cocos applications typically consist of a single activity, you need to track navigation events manually. Be sure that you implement manual tracking so mobile heatmaps work correctly. For more information, see Event tracking.

Rendering modes

Only NO_RENDERING or NATIVE Rendering modes are available with Cocos applications.