iOS: Crash reports using third-party services

If you use a third-party service for crash reports, such as Firebase Crashlytics or Sentry, crash reports might not have enough information for Smartlook to help with issues related to the crash. To help Smartlook get the necessary information from your crash reports, you need to symbolicate your crash reports. Once you symbolicate your crash reports, Smartlook can help you find and fix issues related to your crash.

You can symbolicate your app using dSYM. dSYM files are debug information files that provide debugging information for your crash reports. Without dSYMs in your app, the crash report might not contain important information useful to you or to Smartlook.

Symbolication examples

Crash report without symbolication:

4  TouchCanvas            0x00000001022cbfa8 0x1022c0000 + 49064

Crash report with symbolication:

4  TouchCanvas            0x00000001022cbfa8 Line.updateRectForExistingPoint(_:) (in TouchCanvas) + 656

For more information on how to symbolicate your app, see Adding identifiable symbol names to a crash report in the Apple documentation.