Integrating Smartlook with other tools

Learn how to integrate Smartlook with other analytical tools

Applications often make use of several specialized third-party libraries to cover various aspects of analyzing the data. You can use many analytical tools together to gain the most insight possible on your app.

In order to integrate Smartlook recordings with other tools, Smartlook publishes two URLs: the Current Session URL and the Current User URL. These URLs point to the currently recorded session and current user in the Smartlook dashboard. One possible way to integrate with other tools is to set the two URLs as custom parameters.


Accessing the URLs for integration

Only authorized Smartlook users are able to access the integration URLs.

If an integration URL changes, Smartlook notifies the hosting application. Notifications are dependent on the platform. Further technical details can be found in the API Documentation.

Current Session URL

The Current Session URL Smartlook.instance.user.session.url(timestamp: bool) publishes the dashboard session. The URL contains a boolean flag to show if the current timestamp should be included in the URL. With this parameter, Smartlook begins playback of the session at the indicated moment. This comes in very handy when the URL is attached to a particular event.

Current User URL

The Current User URL Smartlook.instance.user.url points to the user sessions on your dashboard. This URL could change due to user identification by the Smartlook SDK. For further information, see Life cycle, session, and user.