In API 2.0 configuration of the SDK is done using preferences and it is not tied to the setup.

API key

Pre API 2.0

let config = Smartlook.SetupConfiguration(key: "YOUR PROJECT KEY")

Smartlook.setup(configuration: config)

API 2.0

Smartlook.instance.preference.projectKey = "YOUR PROJECT KEY"

Project key documentation.

Other parameters

Pre API 2.0

let configuration = Smartlook.SetupConfiguration(key: "YOUR PROJECT KEY")
configuration.framerate = 4
configuration.enableAdaptiveFramerate = true|false
configuration.renderingMode = .wireframe(.color)
configuration.eventTrackingModes = .fullTracking
configuration.resetSession = true|false
configuration.resetSessionAndUser = true|false
configuration.enableIntegrations = [sampleIntegration]

API 2.0

// builder style
let preferences = Preferences()
  .projectKey("YOUR PROJECT KEY")

// property style (avalilable for all properties)
preferences.useAdaptiveFramerate = false
preferences.renderingMode = RenderingMode.wireframe(.blueprint)
preferences.eventTracking = EventTracking.default

// reset session and user

// automated integrations are no longer supported

Frame rate documentation.