SDK Installation

Currently the minimal supported React Native version is 0.60+ on iOS 10+ and Android Jelly Bean (API 18).


In the version 1.0.0 we have added TypeScript typings and an example app.


Managed Expo apps

can't be supported due to the explicit technical restrictions imposed by Expo. For details, see Expo Documentation, the FAQ "How do I add custom native code to my Expo project?" Smartlook functionality must be implemented in the native code.


  1. Install the Smartlook RN bridge
npm install smartlook-react-native-wrapper --save
yarn add smartlook-react-native-wrapper
  1. Add dependency on native Smartlook SDK


  • Open android/build.gradle.
  • Update gradle version to classpath '' in case you are using an older React native version.
  • Add our maven repository:
allprojects {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""

Also edit so you are using: This step is not needed in newer React native versions.


Smartlook native library is installed as a Cocoapods dependency. There are no manual steps required, just make sure your Cocoapod dependencies are up-to-date after Smartlook RN installation dependency.

Setup and Start Recording

To setup and start recording with Smartlook, Smartlook must be imported and configured:



To setup Smartlook, the unique project API Key is needed. It can be found in the mobile project settings in the Smartlook Dashboard.

import Smartlook from 'smartlook-react-native-wrapper';

Smartlook now starts recording the app. The recordings will appear in the Smartlook player shortly.


Recording when on mobile network

SDK will upload sessions only on WiFi. When uploading on mobile connections is requested, too, it must be enabled in the project settings in the dashboard. More details about the recording process can be found in the Conceptual documentation

SDK integration example app

Clone the bridge repo:

 git clone

Install the dependencies:

 cd smartlook-react-native-bridge && yarn bootstrap

To run it on iOS use:

 yarn example iOS

To run it on Android use:

 yarn example android