The Smartlook session URL can be seen in the Smartlook section inside every crash report.


Manual integration

let config = BugsnagConfiguration.loadConfig()
config.addOnSendError { (event) -> Bool in
    event.addMetadata(Smartlook.getDashboardSessionURL(withCurrentTimestamp: true), key:"Smartlook dashboard session URL")
    return true
Bugsnag.start(with: config)
BugsnagConfiguration *config = [BugsnagConfiguration loadConfig];
[config addOnSendErrorBlock:^BOOL (BugsnagEvent *event) {
  [event addMetadata:[Smartlook getDashboardSessionURLWithCurrentTimestamp:YES] withKey:@"Smartlook dashboard session URL"];
  return YES;
[Bugsnag startWithConfiguration:config];

Full Bugsnag documentation with examples can be found on the official website.