User Identification

User identifier

User identifier can be specified by calling:

static public void SetUserIdentifier(string identifier, Dictionary<string, string> userProperies = null)


Identifiers can be found in the Dashboard and are very useful for finding specific user’s recordings.

User properties

Additional custom properties can be added to each recording session by calling:

public static void SetSessionProperty(string name, string value, PropertyOptions options = PropertyOptions.Defaults)

These properties can be seen in the Dashboard at Visitor details.

If session property should be protected against accidental further changes it can be set as immutable. Immutable property value cannot be changed once it is set.

public enum PropertyOptions : uint
  Defaults = 0,
  Immutable = 1 << 0
Smartlook.Analytics.SetSessionProperty("immutable-prop", "immutable-value", Smartlook.Analytics.PropertyOptions.Immutable);