The DestinationPlugin for Smartlook wraps smartlook-react-native-wrapper.


Smartlook can be easily integrated into Segment by installing the @smartlook/segment-react-native-plugin-smartlook and the smartlook-react-native-wrapper dependency.

Using NPM:

npm install --save @smartlook/segment-react-native-plugin-smartlook smartlook-react-native-wrapper

Using Yarn:

yarn add @smartlook/segment-react-native-plugin-smartlook smartlook-react-native-wrapper

Run pod install after the installation to auto-link the Smartlook SDK.


Install Smartlook and Segment

Follow the React Native Smartlook SDK Installation guide to finish setup of smartlook-react-native-wrapper in your app.

See @segment/analytics-react-native for a detailed guide on adding Segment to your app.


Follow the instructions for adding plugins on the main Analytics client:

Call the .add(plugin) method with a SmartlookPlugin instance in the code where you initialize the analytics client.

import { createClient } from '@segment/analytics-react-native';

import { SmartlookPlugin } from '@smartlook/segment-react-native-plugin-smartlook';

const segmentClient = createClient({
  writeKey: 'SEGMENT_KEY'

segmentClient.add({ plugin: new SmartlookPlugin() });