Manual integration

Dashboard URL change notifications can be registered to integrate them programmatically into other party analytics frameworks.

The notifications are:

public class let dashboardSessionURLChanged: NSNotification.Name
public class let dashboardVisitorURLChanged: NSNotification.Name
NSNotificationName const SLDashboardSessionURLChangedNotification;
NSNotificationName const SLDashboardVisitorURLChangedNotification;

Integration samples

Samples adjusted for specific analytic tools can be found in the Integrations documentation:

Automatic integrations

Automatic integrations provide a simple way of integrating Smartlook into various third-party analytic tools.

Enable integrations

One or a list of automatic integrations can be enabled by calling:

public class func Smartlook.enable(integrations: [Smartlook.Integration])
+ (void)enableIntegrations:(NSArray<SLIntegration *> * _Nonnull)integrations;

Specific Integrations are described in the Integrations documentation:

Disable integrations

Every currently enabled Integration can be disabled:

public class func Smartlook.disable(integrations: [Smartlook.Integration])
+ (void)enableIntegrations:(NSArray<SLIntegration *> * _Nonnull)integrations;

Or all currently enabled integrations can be disabled using the following:

public class func Smartlook.disableAllIntegrations()
+ (void)disableAllIntegrations;


Smartlook SDK tries to disable automatic integration and removes "integrated" URLs from targeted analytic tools. This however is a "best effort" try and cannot be guaranteed to be successful.

List integrations

All currently enabled integrations can be listed:

public class func Smartlook.currentlyEnabledIntegrations() -> [Smartlook.Integration]
+ (NSArray<SLIntegration *> *  _Nonnull)currentlyEnabledIntegrations;