SDK Installation

Currently the minimal supported Unreal Engine 4 version is 4.6.1 (Metal rendering only, openGL ES is not supported).


The Smartlook Unreal Engine 4 SDK is currently available only for iOS devices.



  1. Download Smartlook iOS Unreal Engine 4 SDK:
    SDK for Unreal Engine 4.26 and newer
    SDK for Unreal Engine 4.25 and older

  2. Unzip the archive, create a Plugins directory in your project's directory (if needed), and put Smartlook to Plugins.

  3. Open Plugins settings (Edit - Plugins) and enable Smartlook plugin.

  1. Set analytics provider to IOSSmartlook in Project Settings.
  1. Obtain your unique project API Key from the Smartlook Dashboard and add it into the Smartlook Plugin Settings. Optionally enable automatic recording by ticking the Start Recording option.